News, Memetics, Analysis, General Thoughts and Perspectives

*disclaimer* Bear with me as I figure this one out; things will be sloppy until a point in which i become more affluent and concise. I am new to news analysis, political analytics, memetics and dissection of ‘the big-picture’. I have studied some journalism in “higher-education”, though, as some will tell you, Higher Education, particularly in Australia, is rife with sophistic Marxists, enforcing Cultural Marxism and the spread of Marxist propaganda. Rather than blog posts about individual news events, there’s plenty of that being done already within the mainstream legacy media; so, I will aim to provide readers with the big picture in a Historical and *Memetic context; and the analytics of trending social norms, *memes and current events.

*Memetics: memes are the smallest unit of a cultural idea, or ideal. Memetics, to my understanding is the discovering of the patterns of the meme, and to which direction they shape and mold the growth of my* culture.

*Meme: I’m not going to explain what they are, but they’re not “tag a mate…”, quotes from TV shows, or what have you. If you don’t know what a meme is, than this page isn’t for you.

*Western – European, American, Australian, British. But, I should point out and make clear that these cultures listed, as “my” culture, are not exclusive to any ethnicity or races, as they are Ideas, Values, Ethics and Principles that people live by and aspire to live to live by.