Milo’s comments are utterly reprehensible. As a conservative, Alt-Right sympathetic (I am not a member, though i would identify my political beliefs as ‘Alt-Right’), Nationalist and Tribalist, I find his comments which implicitly condone pederasty to be utterly disgusting.

If we, on the ‘Right’ are not willing to crucify Milo over his statements, which he apparently has “reversed” within 48 hour, then we are NO better than the leftist mob of hyper-emotionalists, good-feels, Sentimentalists,  Matriarchal, Multi-culturalist, Marxist,  Mindless In group-preference Cult that gives a platform to a fucking PEDOPHILE ( – Todd Nickerson). We are supposed to have Principles. We must stand by them.

To those who are defending him, his so-called ‘loyal fans’: You are no better than these leftists you claim to despise. Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson, his Fans.

“Oh, its the DEEP-STATE…”, “MAINSTREAM MEDIA HIT PIECE…”, “Well, now Milo is stronger than EVER”, “It was a CIA hit job!”, “GLOBALISTS DID THIS!!”.


Listen to yourselves! Do you lack ANY self knowledge?!

Milo did this to Milo. His words did this. he explicitly said: “YOUNG boys” when he was talking about these relationships between Men and YOUNG boys; He has been to parties in Hollywood where there were: “VERY, very young boys”, in which they “were taking drugs, and having unprotected sex with older men.” Did he run to the police? Is he outing them now? Is he willing to name names? No.

Yes, there’s hypocrisy within the left – WE KNOW THIS ALREADY! Punch right, punch left; but for God’s sake, stand by your God-damned principles.