“(x)-phobia” was invented to manipulate the masculine desire to not be perceived as afraid, scared or both that and irrational. Let it be clear: There’s nothing brave about being anti-(x)phobia. There’s nothing brave about being an anti-racist; you’re not going to loose you job, your friends – its not going to destroy your life. Real courage comes from not giving a fuck if people call you xenophobic, racist or what ever happens to be the ‘tolerant’ trend of the day. Real courage comes from being brave enough to stand by your principles, and the principles of your tribe, to stand up in defense of your own people, your own tribe; and speak the truth, no matter how much it hurts – fuck everyone else and their feelings.

And for the ‘Humanists’: How can you rationally claim to be a part of a ‘Global Human Tribe’? How can you rationally claim to be represent all of the interests of all people in the world, when some of those interests are completely incompatible with one another, let alone your own interests?

Now ask yourself: Why is it that you believe what you believe?