In Response to: ‘Black Lives Matter labeling hyper-progressive, super-sensitive, Canadian Prime Minister a “White-supremacist” and Terrorist because he… mm… i don’t know… is white, or something?’

Leave them be; They are their own worst enemy. They’ll just keep driving people away from them and what they stand for, when they come out with these crazed statements of their perception of reality. Moreover, these actions function to indenture their more ardent supporters, and indeed the neutral, with their madness, which discredits themselves and their, and I loosely use the term, “”Principles”” to a point in-which they will become so marginalized, so fringe (like the “”neo-nazis”” of [the current year] – whom are just LARPers, lol) that no-one will take them seriously and it’ll be too embarrassing to for people, who otherwise might be sympathetic, be associated with them and their goals.

SJWs always double down – Vox Day

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