(I saw a commie meme, below)

We can help x12 the amount of people locally (in syria) than we can by bringing them into our countries.

For the cost per 10,000 syrian refugees in the first year and following 5 years, we can setup safe zones in syria and help 12,200 locally.

I think it’s also important to point out that ISIS said theyd put terrorists in with refugees. as there’s no way to prove who these people are, because theres no national records (they were destroyed), it’s definitely a good idea to keep them all out of countries that they want to commit terror acts in (especially because we cannot prove if they are or are not legitimate refugees), until such a time that you can prove who they are (vett), or setup safe areas in the middle east (and actually help them), in the interest of the safety of your own people.

The fault here is with ISIS, not the western countires for not taking them all in, or people being hesitant at the idea (islamic terorists may be using the refugee program to inflitrate into where they want to commit terror attacks, incase thats not clear).

Oh, and Germany alone has had 11 terror events since it’s open doors policy for syrian refugees. (Coincidence????)

Remember: it was Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton (also known as ‘Big-Government’) who’s foreign policy destabilized the middle east, causing the migrant crisis and the horror in the middle east.

As for the firearms thing: 1) a majority of shootings happen in “gun-free zones”; 2) most “mass shootings” are gang related, with illegally obtained firearms; 3) you need a background check to buy a firearm in the US (NICS); 4) almost half of “gun-crime” is suidice.

Its also completly constitutional for the law-abiding citzenry of the united states to keep and bare arms. You give away your guns, what happens? Only the government and criminals have guns; then you get tyranny.

‘We [gov’t] protect you from the criminals, you give us your money (oh, and if you dont: we throw your ass in jail/kill you)’.

And as government power increases through ‘vote-buying’, also known as the enslavement of future generations to pay for the “”free”” goodies promised in the here-and-now (what happened with the Baby-boomer generation), or bringing hordes of people into your country who consistantly vote left (more-government) Liberty vanishes. This is the failed God called ‘Democracy’.

The government cant even properly vett the refugees (let alone achieve anything), and we’re supposed to trust them to keep us safe too? Look what is happening in europe. It took police 30 minutes to initially respond to the November 13th paris attacks. I dont know about you, but when the bullets are flying each second counts. Oh, and they were “Syrian refugees”; where did they find the a key memeber of the attack? Right, a muslim ghetto in Brussells; two weeks later.

TL;DR = stop giving government more power, ya dumby; It results in tyranny. We can help more people in the middle east, than we can by bringing them into our country. Government is an immoral institution.16508386_1686356168042021_6975682103385907956_n